ALERT FOR THE TRIGGERED (you know who you are)

I am not going to appologize for what I am about to say. If I didn’t say it, I think I would be failing as an older person by withholding from a younger generation a witness to Truth. So here goes.

For too long you have been coddled by your parents, your schools and the media.

It began when your ‘enlightened’ parents decided discipline would be harmful to your fragile self-esteem. They indulged your childhood whims and avoided properly addressing your outbursts and tantrums. Instead of a swift & appropriate display of rightful parental discipline, your bad behavior was met with sickeningly sweet pleas from a mom who had no effective tools in her toolbox. Instead of shaping your wild & unruly character, she effectively guaranteed it to rage out of control, later to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting and unprepared society.

You were denied in many cases spiritual guidance. Your parents said they would just let you decide. Just like they let you decide on whether or not to behave. Good thing they didn’t do the same with you playing with knives, matches or running into incoming traffic.

When you eventually went to school, the System was not much better equipped to handle your developing poor character traits. The hands of teachers had been systematically tied via parental complaints, lawsuits, and a progressive mentality among educators. Only a few years before, if a student was disruptive a teacher could and did take him by the hand to the principal for discipline. There were parent meetings. Suspensions. Even expulsion. But in the new paradigm of guarding children’s self-esteem, the knee-jerk response was to throw out all common sense and to avoid anything that even closely resembled discipline.

In one district in California, teachers were instructed to merely tell the student to go to the Principal’s Office. No physical contact was allowed, even if the offender would not budge. A not so welcome effect of the no-contact policy was that even a kindergarten teacher was not allowed to comfort a crying child by giving a hug. Now there’s a self esteem killer.

Playgrounds that used to assist you by teaching you to navigate in a micro society were limited. These dwarf versions of real life helped kids learn that throughout life, you will encounter all sorts of folks. Learn to deal with it. But instead of appreciating their education factor, certain games fell away. For instance, divvying up teams was too hard on some kids’ egos, so other less direct methods were employed. Dodgeball was abandoned for supposed physical endangerment (even though somehow we of previous generations survived it.) But it also was discouraged because somehow getting hit by a ball & declared as ‘out’ destroys the “victim’s” ability to function, stunting them emotionally for life…who knew? With that logic, I suppose soccer should go next.

Organized sports teams were no better. For some odd reason, it was decided that the ‘also ran’ crowd needed trophies. No longer would excellence be applauded as unique. And so you, a bench warmer, received the same recognition and trophy as the kid who routinely hit home runs. But, hey…at least your self-esteem was intact (albeit, under false pretenses.)

This new mentality followed you all through school. Grades were inflated so as not to offend you as, the less proficient. Teachers pandered to you so that they would not be reported. It was even observed in social settings, where if you felt ‘marginalized’ by a comment, you could report what became a write up on another student’s permanent record. Everyone was forced to walk on eggshells around you.

And if you made it to college, new laws allowed you to identify in ways that anyone with eyes or a brain could see were faulty. God help the professor who didn’t refer to you by your chosen (though innacurate) pronoun. And professors are now held hostage to your Student Evaluations, causing them to entertain rather than teach. That’s what you are now paying for.

This is how you became part of the Triggered Generation. Always needing a safe space, a puppy, a cookie. Anything to soothe your fragile ego. Psychologists are buying Mercedes due to the avalanche of you & your cohorts not being able to cope. Anxiety is the emotional buzzword…a pass for a non-functional generation. Meanwhile, we pay the price in cost and lack of productivity.

So here we are in 2020. And there you are, still demanding you get your way just like you did when you were three years old. Riots ensue. Looting and violence run rampant. Politicians try to find a way to defend your ongoing bad behavior.

This is what your loving, though misguided, parents have unleashed on society.

Do you even realize where society is now headed?

Take some responsibility [even though your parents didn’t]. Grow up. Change direction. Be an adult. Believe it or not, the real way to make a difference in a society is to positively contribute, rather than burn it down.

3 thoughts

  1. Great Job, though in truth while it Was the parent’s fault All too often there was Only 1 parent , that being the guilt burdened single mom whom, either couldn’t keep her legs crossed, was too stupid to use protection or drove her husband away looking for that Bigger Better deal…that never came along.

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    1. So many factors. One thing I have noticed is the Adam & Eve pass-the-blame method of dealing with our faults has not disappeared. It is time to learn to own up to our failures, rather than find excuses for bad behavior.


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