The new movie FATIMA is being released this month on Aug 14….on the Vigil of the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

For those who are not Catholic, Fatima is one of the few approved apparitions of the Virgin Mary. Approval of apparitions is not automatic. It entails detailed investigation over years in order to insure that the testimonies are above reproach. It isn’t the apparition alone that is significant [and there is a miracle associated with it that tens of thousands witnessed], but messages to the world are of great importance. Consequently, the Church is careful not to lead the faithful in error. Approval of Fatima was no different in this respect.

In this particular apparition, the message warned of the immediate need for dedicated prayer, or a terrible evil would be unleashed from Russia, and it would spread throughout the world. The Church was furious and denounced it as a lie because Russia was a holy nation at that time. It seemed an unfathomable possibility. A lie.

But it proved to be most accurate. Soon after this apparition was the Bolshevik Revolution, from which sprung Communism. Since then, the tenets of Communism and her evil sister, Socialism, made their way into many nations. Even in the United States are threads hidden under the guise of Social Reform.

There are only five formally Communist nations in the world today. But the COVID-19 Pandemic has recently provided a platform for Communist-like worldwide oppression in new governmental laws of masks, social distancing and full blown quarantines of even the healthy…not formal Communism, but aimed with its same goals. Separate families. Make church & the Sacraments unavailable. Destabalize otherwise successful economies.

At this time in history, FATIMA is a movie all should see. The appearance of Mary & her message to three innocent children still holds eternal truth…and hope…for the world in this troubled time. It should be available also on DVD before Christmas. If you see one new movie in 2020, this should be the one.

Now, go do what Our Lady of Fatima asked…pray the Rosary. This is our hope in Christ, gifted to us by His Mother.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.


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