New York has started a frenzy.

Just when abortion awareness seems to have made strides in informing America of this grave evil, New York has paved the way and emboldened other states to legalize murder and infanticide. This is now the rampant scourge of the land…an acceleration of the holocaust of our time.

We have officially become like ancient Rome, who as part of their many perversions allowed husbands & government to decide if a newborn child should live or die. The baby after being born was placed on the floor of the common area of the home. Then, the child was examined by the husband. If he deemed it worthy, the child lived. If not, the child was left under the bridge of the Tiber River to be ripped apart by wild dogs…not much different than the abortionist dogs who rip apart babies in the womb today, or leave abortion survivors on the clinic floor to die. And no different than our own federal and state governments, who are codependently complicit in the horrific practices unleashed by Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood. In Rome, it was widely allowed in disabled babies, but also with females since they were not as desired. Here in the enlightened USA, it is allowed on a whim. Welcome to modern society.

However, until recent decades, the thought of infanticide or even abortion was unheard of in civilized nations. Most could not even fathom taking the life of an innocent baby just born, and a mother seeking out the destruction of her own pre-born child would have made her unwelcomed in polite circles.

So, what happened? Fast-foreward to modern times.

The evil we see today is part of a slippery slope that plagues our world. We have slowly allowed the Godless to craft our laws. We have forgotten as human beings how to allow ethics and morals to inform our politics. And the religious are even worse…we formulate a bizarre posture that says we can personally be Catholic and oppose abortion, yet belong to and support a political party whose prime directive is abortion on demand. Somehow we as human beings have allowed The Thief to rob us of our God-given humanity. In allowing wide-spread murder of innocent babies, we have become less than human.

Each year we march in pro-life rallies. We pray endlessly in front of abortion clinics. We blast social media with the insults and injustices we see in this murderous industry. We plead with leaders in state capitols so they won’t pass the next horrific law that endangers the lives of the innocent. We celebrate even one life saved in our efforts. All this is good. But is it having the full effect we desire? Is it enough?

Satan is trying to take over the country through this. The only permanent way all pre-born children will be protected is through a personhood amendment. If Roe v. Wade is overthrown, all of these renegade States will now have state laws that allow them to continue abortion. While we continue in our pro-life efforts. We need an all-encompassing solution.

The Personhood Amendment is designed to become part of the Constitution through efforts of each state. Once there are enough state amendments, a Convention of States can be convened…this is federal law. Then, if a Personhood Amendment is passed, it is in the Constitution and the individual state laws will be null & void…abortionists will not be able to continue with this murderous evil.

Please check out this site…sign the petition. See what your state is doing in this effort. Volunteer to help. Make people aware. Yet-to-be conceived precious souls are depending on all of us.

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