Saint Bernadette is my patron Saint. This is a wonderful video and I really hope all will take the time to watch it.

The Catholic Church is very careful about declaring someone as a Saint in heaven. Even protestants will agree that not all who claim Christ will attain heaven. But the Church has methodology for declaring sainthood. It takes years….and in several steps. There are verified medical miracles that must be completely attributed to the saint’s prayers for a person…not to medical intervention.

The Saint does not heal anyone but instead, as part of the body of Christ and being in the presence of God, prays for someone who asks for intercession. It is very much like we ask our friends to pray for us here on Earth…but with much more power if the person is already in heaven…the definition of a Saint.

If we believe in what Hebrews says that the cloud of witnesses is cheering us on (ie, they see & know our struggles), and if we believe in what Revelation says that the angels carry prayers from these saints to the altar of God, we have to believe that the Body of Christ is unbroken throughout eternity.

Enjoy this video.

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