This is not intended to do so, but I wonder how many parishioners and priests this will offend:

It is inconsistent to be upset with Ireland, yet allow Girl Scout troops to be part of your parish. They support abortion, planned parenthood, and alternative lifestyles. Even if it’s only Catholics in your Troop, every troop is required to financially support National. And even if not financially, the name is tied to an intrinsic evil. No matter what perceived good is offered your girls, it does not outweigh the participation with an organization supporting an objective evil contrary to our Faith. Instead, start a Little Flowers or American Heritage Girls Troop.

AND…don’t get me started on Boy Scouts. With the outside world constantly attacking the Church for sexual misconduct, and the Pope recently moving to bar those with homosexual tendencies from seminaries, how can parishes house Boy Scout troops? The BSA recent embracing of the lifestyle [they are now passing out condoms at campouts] is again inconsistent with our doctrine of marriage and celibacy. The alternative: Taylor Marshall’s Troops of St. George.

The point is this…as Catholics, we must be careful of ties. If they are with groups that promote values against the Faith, it is important to steer clear. Don’t be lured into a game of situational ethics. It is a losing proposition.

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