What St. Patrick helped abolish in Ireland [human sacrifice] has now been reinstated yesterday [see info in article, written before the terrible vote yesterday.]

What if St. Patrick had been there yesterday
…Can you imagine the conversation?

St. Patrick: Please consider this awful direction you are going. So many years ago I rid this Emerald Isle of an abomination to God. Human sacrifice is no more, and look at the Blessings Ireland has enjoyed. Thanks be to God!

The People: Oh yes, but this is so much different! We don’t want the government to tell us what to do with “our own bodies”. We want abortion available legally in this country. We have the right to choose!

St. Patrick: But what about the innocent children? What have they done to suffer this way?

The People: Rubbish! They only become children at the point in time we decide we want to continue the pregnancy. Until then, it is just an inconvenience that must be dealt with…like removing a tumor. It is not really a life.

St. Patrick: Then Ireland is truly lost. The spirit of the Druids has come back to destroy Ireland by hardening hearts to the Truth so that destroying its offspring is no different to the people than removing a cancerous growth. May God have mercy on your souls.


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