I recently had an email conversation with a dear cousin in Nova Scotia, Canada. I was lamenting the sad fact that since Trudeau’s latest directive of mandated ‘vaccine’ passports for entrance, I would likely never see Canada or her again [she is also among the un-jabbed].

Trudeau is not alone in his draconian response to an illness that by recent studies is not much worse than Seasonal Influenza. It is the new trend for power-hungry, virtue-signaling leaders.

I can’t help asking myself, is this the world God intended for his Creation?

I see the world winding down. It is so important to be right with the Lord.

The entire world has embraced a new ideology based on a virus. It’s madness! Where is common sense? Where is faith? It has divided friends and family and made tyrants out of leaders. Now in at least one country, if a doctor prescribes hydroxychloroquine for a Covid patient, he faces 6 months in prison.

Yet doctors around the world disrespect God-given life from womb to tomb and are protected from prosecution in both abortion and euthanasia. And they are allowed to physically assist the gender-confused to mutilate their bodies.

Is this the beginning of a one-world government/one-world religion?

The most disturbing among followers of this new secular religion are the self-proclaimed faithful. Those who should know better. Those who have Christ. And those who represent Him by leading the Church on earth.

I cannot speak to the non-Catholic response, since I am no longer a part of their world. However, I can give my take on what I see in the Catholic response over the last year.

First a caveat. At the onset of Covid-19, none of us had a full understanding of its impact. Media through a series of Mockingbird broadcasts had us all believing this was akin to the worst plagues in history. And so we initially, like sheep, followed directions to hunker down and avoid contact with humanity.

The beginning of the loss of logic and common sense began with this trust in government and media…ironically, two entities many of us had rightly learned to doubt in the past. But that was before we’d lost our minds.

However, when those we as Catholics are told to trust (the Pope and Bishops) echoed the new directives as prudent, it became a cinched deal for the powers that be. After all, if the Faithful could be convinced through the clergy that meeting together (a Scriptural directive) and the Sacraments (a Doctrinal gift) were non-essential, then the New Secular Religion would succeed.

And so as weddings and funerals came to a halt, as the sick and dying were denied anointing, and as all of the faithful went without Reconcilliation and the Source and Summit of life-giving Holy Eucharist, the government became the purveyors of the Faith Christ handed down for safe-keeping through the apostles. They were now calling the shots on when and how we could practice our faith.

Sadly, in some dioceses, even after Supreme Court intervention ‘granting’ churches their God-given and Constitution-guaranteed right to unobstructed worship, bishops continued to restrict people. Their pews are disturbingly blocked off every other one with red tape…the color ironically associated with the Communist country that unleashed the oppression we have endured for over a year.

Is this the Church Christ intended for His Children?

For those of you who balk at masks (not-so-lovingly referred to as Face Diapers) and refuse an un-proven injection (known to the wise as a poisonous jab), life has taken an unexpected turn of shaming by the virtue signaling. Friends and family are implying and even outright stating that the un-jabbed are not welcome in their midst. Church admission is offered only to those who mask. Reservations that comply with government tracking are required by some churches. Popes and bishops imply that you just may be among the uncharitable if you don’t line up to get poked. Travel is being restricted (we recently were forced to cancel a pilgrimage to Spain). And the president of the once most free nation in the world said to either ‘vaccinate’ or be destined to wear a mask until you do.

It has become extremely difficult to stand upright in this upside-down world. But stand we do, and stand we must. For the sake of our own sanity. For the sake of our children and grandchildren. And for the sake of the witness to stand for freedom of choice and conscience. May God give us the strength to continue to stand.

Our help is in the Name of the Lord who made heaven and earth. May He bring sanity back…or may He come back to reclaim what is His.

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