As you may know, the Monday after Pentecost will now be a day of honor of Mary as Mother of the Church. I was privileged to give answer to reasons for venerating Mary (hyperdulea) on a bit of a Catholic bashing site. Thought it might be appropriate to share here. Blessings!

Pope Francis has declared another day for honor of Mary, the Monday after Pentecost Sunday is declared Mary, Mother of the Church. So since you will likely now attack Mary from a new angle, I wanted you to know what you are attacking. In this way, you will not be blameless. God will know you were given the Truth, and still chose to attack the human creature hand picked by Him to be in this venerable role. Here is the ‘why’ that this new Marian Day is valid:

1.Christ founded the Church. [Matthew 16:18, 1 Timothy 3:15]

2.Mary gave birth to Christ. She literally brought him to the world. [Luke 2:7]

3.She is Mother of God, 2nd Person of the Trinity.
[Luke 1:43]

4.She was instrumental in Christ’s ministry, as she gave Jesus the signal at Cana to begin his ministry. The deeper meaning is Mary instructing followers to do whatever her son says…the first evangelical instruction by the first Disciple
[John 2:5]

5.As Scripture states, her own heart was pierced upon her son’s crucifixion. She participated in his suffering as foretold. [Luke 2:34-35]

6.She was given to the Church as Mother at the foot of the Cross when Christ gave her to St. John & said, “Behold your Mother.” These were the last words Jesus gave as instruction before His death. [Jn. 19:25-27]

7.Finally, she was present at Pentecost with the Disciples as Mother, Disciple, Evangelist…God’s gift to the Church. [Acts 1:13-14]

Be very careful when disregarding this Woman chosen by God.

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