A recent Papal message is for Catholics to “build bridges.” But bridges in our faith are legitimate only if they are for the purpose of leading separated, post-reformation folks back to Christ’s one true Church…not to massage the egos of those following a movement that destroyed real unity of Doctrine and faith in the pre-Lutherean world.

So now this weekend, for the first time since that destructive ‘reformation’, Catholic priests are taking part in the Coronation of the King of England, crowned as the head of the Anglican Church… a denomination that emerged in defiance of the Catholic Church over King Henry VIII’s desire for an illicit annulment. Keep in mind that the crowning of the King is a profoundly religious ceremony, complete with the anointing of oil from Jerusalem.

Unity. Acceptance. The New Ecumenism. HOGWASH!

If this is how the Vatican sees unity, by standing with those in opposition to God’s objective, Doctrinal Truth, I for one want no part of it.

Unity does not mean getting along simply for the sake of getting along. How can those of diametrically opposing doctrinal worldviews be unified in these views? Eventually one or the other will have to abandon or modify their belief system. And we have seen that phenomenon play out in the explosion of denominationalism since 1517.

But such capitulation is forbidden in Catholicism. The heart of established doctrine dictates that no dogma or doctrine can be subject to the whims of men. Truth remains Truth.

Yet, here we are in 2023, with Catholic priests participating in a ceremony that establishes the head of a Church denomination that is in direct conflict both historically and presently with the One True Church of Jesus Christ. Will these priests be among the throng yelling, “God save the King”?

Then how are we to engage with non- believing folks? We need look no further than the example of Our Lord. His encounters with those of unbelief was for the purpose of conversion, not to just get along.

All that said, there is little we can do to rectify this abominable moment in Church history. All we can do is pray, fast, and sacrifice in reparation for these injustices. And stay close to the Truth Christ left for us…it is our only hope for Salvation. May Christ have mercy.

God Save the Church!

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