Another Facebook interaction prompted this. A person stated that preference of one liturgy over another is ok, but not speaking out against one or the other. We all need to be intellectually honest in assessing the two liturgies. But first we must desire to learn.


It is not a matter of preference.

The NO gutted the liturgy in strange ways. Sacred wording was omitted or changed. It didn’t simply move to vernacular. There are places you can see the liturgies side by side. It was a horrible move.

It opened the door to additions [such as postures of the laity that are not in the Rubrics] and lead to an eventual reception of the Sacred Meal with a lack of reverence. How many NO attendees drop to their knees in the presence of Christ in the Eucharist and receive on the tongue, rather than handling the host with inherent minute crumbs left on their hands (popes have said even in the tiniest crumb is the Lord.) Those crumbs fall to the ground or are sent down the sink next time hands are washed. Ask any priest or deacon what remains on the paten after communion is served. That’s why all vessels are carefully purified.

It created a riff between God’s people. It downplayed the Mass of Saints and Martyrs to the point that the current Pope is doing everything in his power to eliminate it…including the banning of seminarian instruction in the Old Mass. Bishops around the world are forbidding its celebration. By placing a strangle hold on the Old Mass, Latin (the language of the Church) is taken from the place Satan wishes most to destroy. Ask any exorcist the power of Latin. And so at Mass the integrity of the Eucharist, the people of God and the priest celebrant himself are deprived of the language that causes demons to flee.

It is not ‘preference;’ it is desire for the most sacred and best.

Try Googling “BISHOP ATHANASIUS SCHNEIDER COMMUNION IN THE HAND” to get a full historical treatment of its necessity. Then watch “MASS OF THE AGES PART 1 AND 2” to learn why to embrace the Old Mass. Excellent prelates are featured, like Bishop Strickland.

There is so much more than ‘prefence’ involved. And this is a statement of objective facts, not speaking negatively about a liturgy.

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