I recently posted that because of certain election results, I have some hope. A ‘friend’ went on a liberal rant. Without reposting his entire rant, below is my response which will give you an indication of his position….


Ah, the Utopia Quest.

Interesting that you would wish for a flourishing of democracy. Our country never was intended to be a democracy. Democracy is mob rule. Perhaps you don’t remember some of our teachers from James Lick like Mr. Hefflefinger who told us that we do not live in a democracy, but a democratic Republic. A pure democracy is chaos.

Your wish for diversity and inclusion taken to its logical end includes things like school districts having what it is in essence dysphoric men dressing like performers at Finocchio’s, sometimes with no underwear on, exposing themselves, reading stories to kindrgarten students without parental consent or recourse. A Maryland school has released a book list for kids as young as four that would go completely along with your desire for inclusion. It’s an LGBT list with words in it 4 year olds should never hear. Welcome to diversity and inclusion.

The real goal of any Christian is to seek God’s will on Earth as it is in heaven (The Lord’s Prayer.) God’s Will involves His children evangelizing the world…redeeming the world for His sake. And we are told that the poor will always be with us, and that peace on Earth is not possible… not since The Fall. This flawed world is to be replaced with a new Heaven and Earth, incorruptible and a reflection of God’s final act of redemption.

Jesus did not command governments to feed the poor. That was directed to believers to individually seek to be God’s hands and feet. That is the reason for missionaries. Nations have vested interests that are not compatible with the Almighty. We as the Children of God are foolish if we depend on political policies to serve the interest of God. It is also a relinquishing of our call, giving it over to the ‘good’ pleasure of Caesar.

But it was good to see you say we need more care for children. I’m glad you are finally coming out strongly against abortion, which kills preborn children and has killed over 1.6 billion people worldwide. Innocent people.

The hope I referred to last night is that it appears that United States citizens are finally getting a clue and are fed up with failed liberal policies that are ruining our economy and people’s ability to survive and live. Just ask the man I heard about on the news who was a Blue collar worker who always was able to take care of his family and pay his bills. He now has to decide between gas for the car and food on the table, which bills to pay, and many times cannot pay his mortgage. That is the hope I was referring to. Hope for people in our country to be able to live their lives with a real hope for the future and their children.

So, after two agonizing years under detrimental policies, I am happy to have a new hope not just for a few, but for the Nation.

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