A worthy read. The beautiful story of a mother who didn’t give up on a wayward child.

I know that my own return to the One True Church Christ founded was in no small part due to my mother’s example and prayers.

Her most powerful prayers likely came in a more beatific vision after her life here was over. She & my father were both concerned of my straying into Protestantism. I was duped into the false belief that all religions are the same if they label it Christian. Thank God I did the hard study and research that brought me to Truth.

I know my parents now rest in the peace that I returned to the faith. And there is a real and promised hope we will reunite in Heaven. It is there for all who seek and find God’s true path in the Doctrines…ALL the Doctrines…Christ taught. They are there in the Catholic Church. Not in the wayward bishops or priests who stray. They are human and with us the same as the Jim Joneses and Jim and Tammy Bakers in Protestantism. We all have our false prophets. But the Fullness of all Truth is found in the teachings of Christ as revealed in the Catholic Church. Seek and cling to those, not to persons.

And now I too bring family members before God with the same desire of my mother’s legacy. That Objective Truth will prevail and they all will seek and find it.

St. Monica, pray for us.

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