Miss Argentina & Miss Puerto Rico were just ‘married’…to each other!

It is forced normalization of non-normal behavior.  I knew this was coming long ago. Once you get society to support and tolerate aberrant behavior, it’s only a matter of time to when the behavior becomes just a ‘lifestyle decision,’ and it is a crime to question it. 

The world was better off when private behavior that went against the grain of all that falls under natural law was in the proverbial closet. If you want to act like an idiot and do things that are abnormal, don’t subject the rest of the world to it.

Now, brace yourselves because this is not the end. Soon organizations like the Man-Boy Society and perverted pedophiles will begin to lobby for their 15 minutes of fame that will bring them in them into the arena of ‘normalcy.’

How long before God puts an end to the mockery of His design for the human race? Abortion. Contraception. Divorce. Sexual deviance. Self-mutilization. The Slippery Slope is now a Roller Coaster to perdition.

Hang on…it’s going to be a rough ride.

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