This is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It got me thinking about the two most well-known organizations that people identify with breast cancer. One is Susan B Komen. The other is the American Cancer Society. You have probably been hit up for donations in the past and especially stepped up during this month. There are 5K runs. We are inundated with pink ribbons. But there is a disconnect that you should all be aware of with these two organizations. Both are directly involved in supporting Planned Parenthood.

And why should that be of concern?

Everyone should be aware by now that Planned Parenthood makes most of its money through abortion, second only to contraception and in particular the pill. In actuality, they are notorious for doling out low dose contraception pills so that the customer comes back pregnant and then they can take care of that through an abortion. Guaranteed repeat customer. Those who have worked in the industry will tell you that is the methodology used.

The dirty little secret is that there is an increase risk of breast and cervical cancer among those who use the pill, and an increase in cancer as well among those who obtain abortions.

Oh, you can find contradictory information. You can even find information that diminishes the significance of the increase in risk. But are you willing to play that Russian Roulette game just for the hope of not becoming pregnant?

And herein lies the disconnect: Why do the two organizations most commonly associated with the quest for a cure for breast cancer donate directly and indirectly to the one business that is responsible for increasing the rate of breast cancer in women?

Take a few moments and ponder that one.

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