The Supreme Court, relying on Constitutional Law, has finally reversed a stain on Supreme Court history.

ROE is reversed!!

But temper your celebrations…it is not over. Masses of liberal abortion supporters have gathered in front of the Supreme Court and vandalized Republican offices. An attempted murder of Justice Cavanaugh didn’t work. Other forms of intimidation failed. So now, we await the onslaught of violence, incited by leftist politicians like Nancy Pelosi.

Does this ruling end abortion? No. States are now allowed autonomy in deciding. Conclusion: our work is not done. The next move should be an Amendment that the unborn are preborn human citizens deserving of protection. If it is not deemed unconstitutional, each state still gets to decide on the continued murderof innocents. So it is still a poison that is going to affect our country.

Just now on Newsmax, a pastor was discussing how in California there is a much lower number of abortion clinics because they can’t staff them and they have fewer clients coming in. One example is FPA, Family Planning Associates (a misnomer for sure), in California . They have been forced to close several of their facilities and limited hours on others. So from a social perspective, abortion may be diminishing in California.

But we in California will experience people from other states flying in and driving in to get their abortions here, so it will not be resolved unless there’s a Constitutional stand. And I hear that California may even be helping pay for travel for people to come and get their abortions here. There may even be Federal funding. And guess who’s paying for that? Listen to the sound of your tax dollars leaving your wallet…Ca-ching. They’re probably getting the money from the extra gas taxes that are charged, along with other excessive taxes. I wish they would just take it out of Newsom’s & Biden’s salaries. đŸ˜‰

So if you love & support life, womb to tomb, be prepared to take the next step. Yes, frequent prayer vigils to reach women with help. But there us more needed. Watch for petitions. Vet political candidates. If possible, help fund efforts to bring about a more widespread change. Be part of the solution…for the sake of the children.

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  1. Well stated Karen.The battle has been won, but the war continues in states like California and New York. I agree 100% that we need the Amendment now. … moving in increments as they say.

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