Unless one lives as a hermit, we all have been subjected to a gradual demise of embracing reality. The most prominent example is in the newly accepted ideology of fluidity in the sexes, as if being a different gender was as simple as changing hair color.

I recently received a response to a photo of a man wearing woman’s clothing. In that response, the person implied this was an example of feminism. I beg to differ.

Actually, there is a working definition that is agreed upon by Merriam-Webster, American Heritage and Cambridge Dictionaries. They all state that feminism is the belief that women should be allowed the same rights and opportunities as men and be treated in the same way. The right to vote and equal pay for equal work are among valid efforts undertaken. It has nothing to do with demanding that the world buy into a person’s delusion that he is physiologically something he is not.

Ironically, if we cannot define what a woman is, feminism in its pure form (as stated above) ceases to exist. Feminism relies upon the understanding of what defines being a woman. Unfortunately, today’s society has adulterated the term ‘woman’, just a it has the term ‘feminism’.

In actuality, the only intellectually honest way to define ‘woman’ is through the acknowledgment of Natural Law. The biological definition, which must include DNA evidence, is the only sure way to define the sexes. Again, society has morphed into a free for all, allowing culture and whim into the mix. One thing is for certain. If 50 years from now you dug up the remains of a man who dressed like a traditional biological woman and called himself a woman, his DNA would scream ‘male.’ Not a female bone [pun intended] in his body.

Someone can call himself a woman, a cat, or an elephant. If he truly believes he is anything other than a man, therein lies a serious break from reality. A stable society depends on its members adhering to objective reality in the truest sense. It cannot exist if people are allowed to redefine reality as a personal truth (as if it cannot be objectively discovered by tried and true scientific method), subsequently insisting through cultural pressure or legislation that everyone else echo a lie. If we don’t fight against this, society is doomed.

What’s in a name? A whole lot more than Shakespeare implied. Yes, a rose would still smell as sweet even if someone called it garlic. But common terminology is important to a society. How can we exist otherwise? Brides, try going to the florist asking for a bouquet of garlic for your wedding, expecting roses all the while. There are comedians who do bits on how to mess up your toddler by teaching him words that are incorrect, like calling a bottle ‘cucumber’. Funny…unless you actually do it to your kid.

And in more critical areas, it is downright dangerous. “Doctor, why did you amputate my leg? I was here for an appendectomy! “

Potato, potahto.

At least that’s my humble opinion. Now, excuse me while I grab my prosthesis (blasted surgeon) and go out to my garden to gather a bouquet of garlic for my vase.

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