There seems to still be confusion among Protestants as to what comprises the fully canonized Bible. The term Apocryphal is thrown around in order to cast doubt upon seven books filled with Christian wisdom & theology…books Christ knew well as a properly raised Jew. Post-Luther folks say the books are of ‘questionable origin.’ Really?

For 1500 years, Christians worldwide enjoyed the Fullness of Truth as presented in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, yet the so-called Reformers unilaterally yanked them from the Bible (which, by the way, was never meant to be tampered with.) Here is some food for thought…

The Deuterocanon is the is the proper term for these books. If they are of questionable origin as claimed by Protestants:

1. Why did Jesus and the Apostles reference them directly or paraphrased dozens of times in the New Testament?

2. Why were they still included in early Protestant versions of the Bible?

3. Why were they part of the Jewish Canon?
NOTE: Around 92 A.D., a small contingency of Jews produced an unauthorized Canon that omitted the Deuterocanonicals. Speculation is that the seven books quoted by Christ and NT writers made the case for Christian Doctrine, and these Jews wanted to distance themselves from Christian theology that claimed the Messiah had come.

….And most interesting…

4. Why were they suddenly (after being part of canonized Scripture since the late 4th Century) of ‘questionable origin,’ and only after the protest that launched a rebellion and divided believers in the early 16th Century?

Objective Truth is never partial. The sixty-six books of the Protestant version of the Bible do not represent the Fullness of Truth Christ taught. The Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth. My co-author husband and I researched and covered this and more in our book 95 QUESTIONS FOR PROTESTANTS (2017, Leonine Publishers), available on Amazon.

It is tragic that even at this date, when intellectually honest research is at our fingertips (literally, via a computer keyboard), urban legends about Catholicism are held on to so tightly. It remains a universal truth that there are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

[BTW, Luther also sought to remove key phrases in other NT books…and the entire book of James! Ponder that for a moment.]

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