I recently posted a picture of a paten with a few remaining hosts. But among the hosts were tiny crumbs left behind. Not all Catholics understand this, but in fully Consecrated Hosts [ie, by an apostolic priest], it is dangerous to receive on your hand.

1) In belonging to such a church, you should be in agreement with the church [ie, in communion] regarding the Doctrine of the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. How presumptuous to casually handle the Body of Christ as a lay person.

2) Any priest or deacon will attest to crumbs separating and being left in the paten. Why else would the priest carefully handle and clean it after all have been served? Likewise, the crumbs can routinely be dropped on the floor as the priest serves you, or left on your own hand to be washed down the plumbing the next time you use the restroom. Horrible way to treat Christ.

3) And God forbid that you accidentally drop the host on the floor as you serve yourself…or in the transfer from the priest’s hand to yours. I have witnessed this on several occasions.

4) Finally, by receiving in your hand, the very sacred nature of Transsubstantiation becomes diminished, as you place the host in your mouth as if it were merely any morsel of food you eat at the dinner table. Shameful.

If you want the true history of how we as Christians became so casual in this Sacrament, find Bishop Athanasius Schneider’s podcasts, articles or the interview of him by Father Mitch Pacwa. Eye opening.

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