It is interesting to hear modernist Catholics give their reasons to discredit the Old Mass, commonly known as the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM). Most say they don’t speak Latin, so why go? Many say they like the priest facing them, instead of the ‘rude’ ad orientem position. There are also those who feel participation is defined by their ability to sing-along, rather than listen to a chant choir. But the most common defense for the New Mass I’ve heard is, “We are a post-Vatican II people. The Latin Mass is a dinosaur. ” Interesting dissection of God’s people.

I am not formally a theologian or liturgist (although I read and study), so I rely upon those who are. And that is the goal of this post: to bring light upon this critical topic via those with the greatest expertise.

I wish for all Catholics to watch the YouTube below. We all ought to understand the evolution of the Novus Ordo. It might be a surprise.

Attending the TLM is more than just a preference. It is spiritually more significant because of the presence of important prayers that were removed in order to form the New Liturgy. Just as the Protestant Reformers removed books from Sacred Scripture that were key to understanding the Fullness of Truth, the gutting of so much of the Traditional Liturgy has created a void…a lack of sacredness and understanding…in the laity. A tragic loss for the faithful.

If you missed part 1 of “Mass of the Ages”, search for it on YouTube. Now, watch part 2 and learn.

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    1. Fr. Blake Brittons book
      Reclaiming Vatican II is an excellent read
      The full title title is
      Reclaiming Vatican II
      What it (Really) said what it means
      And how it calls us to Renew the Church

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  1. Thank you for sharing this video. My husband and I watched both Episodes 1 and 2. Both were informative and eye opening. I learned much…and will forward on to as many as I can.

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