Have you ever wondered why your local public school makes it impossible to figure out what they’re teaching in ‘Health’ ed?

It’s a buzz term for sex ed.

Many districts have partnered with Planned Parenthood. From K-12 they are indoctrinated on normalizing trans, Gender Dysphoria, LBGT, abortion, contraception. Then at some point they are given explicit instruction on the mechanics of sex…both hetero and homo. I’m not making this up!!

I’m telling you all that it’s a brick wall you are not meant to penetrate. Meanwhile you are losing your babies to the dangers of this culture. It’s time to do the thing too many of you are resisting. For the sake of your children, pull them out and homeschool. No more excuses. Don’t be naive enough to think yours will be the children who can weather the torrent of a sexual agenda storm and still come out with the values you want for them.

You have a whole summer to prepare. If you need encouragement, get my book CONFESSIONS OF A CATHOLIC HOMESCHOOL MOM [not specifically Catholic at all]. Then research homeschool groups [NOT CHARTERS, which are controlled by the local school district]. If you are insecure there are courses online and local to integrate your child in Math, Science, Literature, etc. You have time to accomplish this.

Contact Homescool Legal Defense & join. They can help you fill out the California School Affidavit [or your local State requirement] which is due in October.

I was reluctant but dove in. Our boy had a neurological issue [auditory processing]. Best decision ever! He is now in Graduate School studying philosophy. Kept his ethics, morals, common sense, logic & faith. He could have been another casualty both in world view and education. We chose to make his future our priority.

You may save a few bucks by keeping that 2nd income, but is it worth the price of your child’s soul?

You CAN do this!

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