If we listen to some non-Catholics, we might hear that their Gospel (Good News) of Jesus is different than the Gospel of the Catholic Church. Here is why they might say this…

It’s based upon their belief in an urban legend that Catholics have ‘added’ to the Gospel via a different salvation process than they follow. Theirs is a once saved-always saved, single event which they believe guarantees their salvation…no matter what. Theirs is not supported either in Sacred Tradition or Sacred Scripture.

The Catholic way is the Biblical way—found entirely in the total of Sacred Scripture and supported in the writings of the early Church. It begins at Baptism and is lived with hope as we move through life participating in the Spiritual and Corporal Acts of Mercy, receiving the Sacraments and persevering to the end. We Catholics understand that the process is tenuous; it is possible to fall away and lose our salvation, so we tread with hope and utilize the Sacraments of Reconcilliation and Penance and receive Holy Eucharist to stay true to our baptism and remain in a state of grace (free from mortal sin.)

All of this is easily found in Sacred Scripture. The Bible is not meant to be cherry-picked. It isn’t a smorgasbord. Therefore, all Scripture must be linked together to see the Big Picture. So if you hear that Catholics have a different Gospel, point the person back to the Bible.

For a more thorough explanation,  get a copy of our easy-to-read book:


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