There is a loud cry for justice today. It is not from an ethnic community. It is not from abused citizens of a Communist country. It isn’t even an audible cry.

This cry for justice is not directed to a particular people or government or nation. Instead, it goes out to the whole world.

It is the cry for justice from those we only know by terms like HEK-293. These are the children who were sacrificed for profit. Their innocent bodies were ravaged to procure the tiniest cells from kidneys or retinas. And they were aborted alive specifically for the purpose of use in vac-cine development, with no use of anesthesia to ease their pain.

And now the whole world justifies the continuation of their precious cell lines simply because they are already dead. Killed. Murdered. These represent necessary collateral damage so that others can live. So we are told. The end justifies the means.

And people happily line up to receive the product of their little lost lives then proudly announce it to all who will hear, while profiteers collect their Blood Money.

There is a loud cry for justice today. How will you respond?

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