Mr. Biden is a living scandal as a prominent public official who flaunts his Catholicism, while standing openly against a preeminent Doctrine of the Church. That is bad enough.

But this priest & his bishop [Gregory] have created a clergy scandal of their own. To receive the Holy Eucharist, Biden cannot simply take it. No one ‘takes’ Communion. We are SERVED the Body of Christ.

This article speaks of collusion. The two clergy members met to speak of their solidarity on the issue of Mr. Biden receiving the Eucharist, in light of his support of abortion. They in essence have conspired to misrepresent the sacred meal by a twisted interpretation of its purpose, thus justifying what popes have long spoken against: Laity who are in mortal sin…deliberate, repeated mortal sin…are not allowed at the Communion table, especially those defying doctrinal Church teachings. Why?

1. They are in spiritual danger of serious consequences. [I Corinthians 11:27-29]

2. They create scandal that leads other weaker Catholics astray. [Matt 18:6]

3. They truly are not in ‘communion’ when standing against God in this way and should, therefore, not be offered the Communiin meal.

What we see here represents the clear and present danger the Church faces in our time. Surely, there are many enemies to the Catholic Church. Jump into any social media Protestant-Catholic group discussion for evidence. Try to present your faith to a friend or family member who opposes the Church and you can experience a bloodless martyrdom up close and personal. We see it in bureaucratic policies proposed by government officials

But the most serious of all dangers to our faith comes from within…an inside job. You know the names. Joe Biden. Nancy Pelosi. Nuns on the Bus. Father James Martin, along with a myriad of priests and bishops. And the list continues to grow. These are some major secular and religious players in the limelight with bully pulpits. The ones who ought to raise the spiritual hairs on the backs of our necks are those who profess to be fully Catholic, yet all the while preach a gospel devoid of the Fullness of Truth.

Laity, it is up to you to beware of these wolves in sheep’s clothing. It is up to you to know your faith well enough to recognize a bold-faced lie. Then it is up to you to speak out. Weaker brothers & sisters need this from you.

And when you face criticism, remember that the word ‘martyr’ means to witness. Some are called to witness in their deaths. Others, in their lives.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!

To the Greater Glory of God!


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