We as Christians have been greatly distraught in recent days. Yet we know God is ultimately the One in charge over all. We cannot see His plan or ultimate reason in these difficult times.  Yet we trust.

Since the inauguration of Joe Biden as President of the United States, we collectively and individually have attempted to make sense of it all. Two theories have emerged.

In one theory, there is a feeling that God is chastising the good old USA for her sins against Him. Over a relatively short period of time, our Nation has come to a place of not simply accepting sinful behavior, but protecting it in our laws. Everything from euthanasia, to light porn (however that might be defined), to same-sex relations, to so-called gay marriage, to gender confusion, to the murder of pre-born children are now hailed as rights. Those who practice or support these sins are at times even applauded as heroic. It is easy to see how God might want to reign us in.

The second theory offers a Pollyanna view. It encourages us that God is not finished regarding the 2020 Presidential Election. This theory promotes the concept that He has something up His sleeve, so to speak. God is always a God of wondrous surprises, so this theory speaks hope to the heart of the believer.

Both theories are inviting and hold valid spiritual weight. But I would like to propose another possibility.

Is it possible that the Presidency of Joe Biden has been orchestrated specifically for the purpose of saving his eternal soul?

Before you look for the nearest stone to pelt my way, let me explain my reasoning.

Upon examination of Joe Biden’s actions and words, we find a contradiction…an oxymoronic mishmash of purported faith versus what is visible to the casual observer. Joe attends Mass. If he can find a priest who will serve him, he receives Communion. He and his entourage claim his Catholicism.

Then the rubber meets the road. Joe has continually championed the right to abortion. He supports so-called same sex marriage to the point of officiating at two. And he is the recent hero to the transgender community by signing a bill in their support, as well as appointing a transgender to high office. These actions do not speak to Joe Biden’s supposed Catholic faith.

God in His love for Creation made humans in His image, creating them both male and female. And for each person, He gives invitation to become a child of God. This is His desire for all, though some refuse it.

And then there are those like Joe Biden. Although he appears to desire that relationship to God, he straddles the fence by harboring a worldview far from God’s ideals, and completely against the Catholic faith he claims is his own.

How does all this point to the election results being a mechanism for God to save his soul? The answer, brothers and sisters, is you.

Prayer works miracles. Things people have believed to be impossible have become a reality. This is our experience as People of God. We harness the power we have been promised. And in the most dire times in our lives, the power of prayer is most evident.

These are dire times. But the lost soul of Joe Biden is in an extremely dire state. One cannot continue in disobedience without endangering his soul. Since God’s ultimate desire is to save the soul of each person, He so desires it for Joe. And we as the People of God have a great opportunity to participate in this through prayer.

It is difficult to pray for a perceived enemy. But think about this for a minute. Here are tens of thousands of U.S. citizens, upset by an election most think was fraudulent. What a way for God to bring an enormous number together for one purpose: to ask God’s Spirit to convict the heart of one man who many see as an enemy!

Could it be possible that the result of the 2020 Election is the means by which Joe Biden might turn, in contrition, back to God and his precepts?

Only God knows.

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