After the Election Certification chaos at the Capitol, I thought I would briefly share my thoughts:

1. The outcome of the certification means we will be transitioning from the most prolife, pro-faith President in recent history to the most pro-abortion one. Whether or not you believe in Trump’s sincerity and whether or not you care for his personality, his policies bear it out. Trump has established numerous policies in order to try and protect the unborn. He has also stood for the free exercise of our 1st Amendment right of freedom of religion.[1] Biden and Harris (true to the Democratic Party Platform) stand firmly against the unborn by supporting the most horrific abortion policies the U.S. has ever known. And Harris showed us all her disdain for religious freedom as Attorney General of California. For instance, in 2014, she filed an amicus brief, telling the Supreme Court not to give Hobby Lobby a religious exemption to Obamacare.[2] Not limited to Christians, she also fought a lawsuit against a Sikh man (Trilochan Oberoi) “a former prison guard who was barred from his job because he refused to shave the beard he kept out of religious conviction.”[3]

2. The fact that we will have a man with political views so contrary to God as president may indicate that God is allowing the current culture to get what they are asking for. We as a Nation have continuously fallen from the precepts of God in culture and Law. This election was a barometer of exactly how much the Nation would embrace a man who stands against God and his own supposed faith in order to serve in office, pandering to a culture that systematically eliminates the Almighty…a path that historically leads to Socialism and Communism. Perhaps as in so many biblical examples, God is allowing what may become a time of persecution and chastisement in order to reign us in.

3. The outcome of the certification does not negate the fact that there were glaring irregularities and fraud in this election. If you doubt that fact in spite of countless video footage and testimonies, there is really nothing more anyone can say that will sway you.

4. What transpired at the Capitol on January 6 was in part orchestrated by the same fringe groups and players we saw in Portland and Seattle over the previous many months. Far too many reputable folks who were there gave first-hand accounts of what transpired, including personal encounters with Antifa. Some have provided photo proof of the same instigators at the Capitol in photos on Antifa websites. There was even a telling Tweet by an Antifa supporter, speaking of plans to infiltrate by wearing Trump hats and shirts to appear as his supporters.

5. Though some want to again place blame on Trump for inviting supporters to gather peacefully on Jan. 6, the blame is on those who promote violence and intimidate through fear. If ‘We the People’ allow fear to prevent us from our right to peacefully gather, freedom is lost.

6. Regardless of this tragic outcome, God is still in control. Whether He chooses to bring a people to a positive outcome or He allows for a tragic one, His purpose will prevail. When the good people of faith stand by for years as politicians and culture chip away at all that is righteous and holy, they should not be surprised when evil reigns. In 2 Chronicles we read:

If I close heaven so that there is no rain, if I command the locust to devour the land, if I send pestilence among my people,
if then my people, upon whom my name has been pronounced, humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their evil ways, I will hear them from heaven and pardon their sins and heal their land

This passage is directed to those who claim to be God’s people. Some may argue it was specific to Israel, but is it? Does it represent a spiritual Truth? The principle rings true, as any Christian will agree: God listens and answers prayer. The question is, “Where were the people of God (i.e., U.S. Christians) when the culture was descending the slippery slope?”  We not only remained silent, but watched as our brothers and sisters in Christ participated with government in the codification of sin into law. Everything from loosened drug laws, to same-sex laws, to abortion laws, to euthanasia have been tolerated and even supported by some of the faithful.

It isn’t difficult to know who these people are. Each Catholic knows another Catholic who supports candidates and policies that stand boldly against the precepts and doctrines of the faith. When confronted with such a person over the last many years, how many of us tried to exercise our mandate in the Spiritual Acts of Mercy to teach and correct the sin in such a brother? How many pastors refused to teach the more difficult tenets because of fear of loss (status, monetary offerings, parishioners, reputation, etc.)?

And Protestants, you are not off the hook. Though your faith tradition may not have a centralized deposit of faith that is infallible on abortion and other hot issues, God gives you the ability to discern. You have the same duty to the brethren in your own churches.

This is the heart of the problem. This is why we now must lie in a most uncomfortable bed.

But there is still hope!

IF my people…”

This promise of God begins with our part in this covenant…what He first expects from us. We can begin to heal our land with personal prayer. In that prayer, ask God for the strength and opportunity to reach others (particularly Christians in need of correction) with the Light of Truth. Then study and know the tenets of the Faith. Know not just the facts, but the origin so that the Truth is fully ingrained in your soul. This will take effort on your part. Many well-written books through great publishers like Catholic Answers and Ignatius Press can assist in this. We also have our own 95 QUESTIONS FOR PROTESTANTS as an inexpensive, accessible resource.

Once you begin the journey, ask God to show you where and how you can be used to further the Kingdom. Then maybe…just maybe…there can be a reversal in the direction of our culture. “…I will hear from heaven and pardon their sins and heal their land.”

But more importantly, you will be about the business of bringing God’s Truth to the lost. In the end, that is what truly matters.



[3] Ibid

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