Why is it that with so many more ways to research and find Truth in 2020 that so many continue to settle for less than the Truth? Discernment has lost its appeal to the masses, relegating it to those who deserve not that role over our worldview.

Sure, there are plenty of areas that have little significance to our lives. In recent days I have even participated in playful queries (What is your favorite Christmas Song? Movie? Food?) But for the bigger questions, we need to first develop a desire for Objective Truth and then the skills to locate it.

If you are from a certain frame of mind, you may balk at the concept of Truth. Relativism has been with humanity for many centuries. Even when Pontius Pilate was faced with Truth Personified before him, he demonstrated it when he asked Jesus, “Quid est veritas?” What is Truth?

Relativism is linked to lies and false assumptions. The Author of Lies set the wheels in motion in the Garden when he planted seeds of doubt in Eve.  He distorted God’s directive of not eating from the one tree (the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil) by distorting it to mean all trees in the Garden. Then he questioned God’s warning that death would follow such disobedience. We now know that the Spiritual Death of which God forewarned is far worse than the physical death Satan implied to Eve. Twisting the Truth is key in drawing people away from it.

Truth matters. There are truths with a small ‘t’ that are subjective, but the big T’s in life are critical and require work on our part.

In today’s world we are bombarded with so much data that many succumb to overload and instead of working to find Truth, believe the media and hype screaming in our ears to find answers to critical questions:

*Is COVID-19 a true pandemic? Are cases and deaths being reported honestly?

*Was the new vaccine developed safely and ethically?

*Was there significant voter fraud in the 2020 election?

These current issues demand our attention and research. But we don’t  always have the stomach or the desire for the task. After all, why should we seek these out, when answers to THE most critical questions of life are not sought out? Instead many people rely on what they grew up with or what the media or some professor told them:

*Does God exist?

*What is the meaning and purpose of life? Where do I fit in?

*Who was Jesus? Should I believe in Him?

*Is the religion I grew up with the Truth, or merely a partial truth? Can I discover objective Truth? Does it matter?

If we don’t find these more compelling eternal questions worthy of our attention, some of the more temporal quests are pointless. After all, our days are numbered. In the end, we leave the temporal behind.

I will end this blog the way I began it;

Why, when there are so many ways to seek Objective Truth, do we settle for less than Truth?

I leave you with a challenge.. Become a discerning critical thinker. Don’t allow others to spoon feed agendas & their biases to you, especially in the critical eternal questions. Seek reputable and historically accurate sources. Be on an intellectually honest quest. You have nothing to lose…and Truth to obtain.

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