NOTE: this may also relate to other States. I can only speak for what I am seeing here in California


Our faith is under attack.

Riots continue and places like Walmart operate, business as usual. But Churches are subject to unfair regulations. It has to end!

  1. Outdoor Mass is too restrictive and artificial. Many simply cannot (or will not) be forced into this odd outdoor substitution. It shows in the low attendance numbers. They are denied this requirement of the faith, as well as Holy Eucharist.
  2. Too many are restricted now to face-to-face Confession, destroying annonymity and again numbers are down. Sacrament lost.
  3. Catholics are denied other Sacraments, like annointing of the sick or last rites in the hospital. A travesty for those in greatest need.
  4. Some priests have been fearful of home visits…even when no COVID is present. Fear rather than faith directed.
  5. Offerings are down, threatening the financial life of the Church. Some parishes may not survive this kind of financial loss..
  6. Laity confidence is waning. We wander, lost without leadership to guide us on how to stand boldly for our faith in the midst of severe persecution.
  7. The longer there is no outcry, the bigger the government stronghold on the Church. They have no right either spiritually or constitutionally to direct the Church in her religious and doctrinal function.
  8. And if you haven’t noticed, Protestants in California are making their voices heard by defying the order both inside buildings (John MacArthur in So. Cal) and outside (massive worship services and baptisms with thousands in attendance, and no masks or distancing precautions.)

This is reminiscent of Plutarco Calles’ attack on the Church in the Mexican Cristero War of the 1920s [watch FOR GREATER GLORY and become appalled at the similarity]. The bold priests and laity were banned from celebrating & participating in Holy Mass. Many died in bloody martyrdom under Calles and the unGodly government rule. But the Source & Summit of their faith was too precious to abandon without a fight.

Presently all we might face is a bloodless white martyrdom…yet we are not even bold enough for that.

We are in desperate need of strong & faithful leadership from shepherds who fear God, and do not bow to a worldly government that denies the Church her right and duty. In the end, it is not the Governor who is responsible for leading the souls of the faithful.

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