The Democrats have long been at the business of racism. The glaring example is in pre-Civil War slavery. It took a Republican to set the wheels in motion in order to right this wrong against humanity.

But now Democratic bigotry is disguised. It is a methodology of control, under the public guise of altruism. It has also been expanded to ‘the poor’ in creating separate programs that on the surface look like care, but effectively keep the needy in need. A hand out, rather than a hand up.

We as Christians should always care for widows & orphans…those in true need. But we are also told that if one [who is able] will not work, he should not eat. In other words, there is a distinction between real need and the purely unmotivated or lazy. 

Humans were made to realize purpose with their own unique contribution to humanity & society. This perpetuation of unearned favor translates into a loss to society by otherwise able persons, which then often becomes generational.

In effect, the Democratic Party has created a generation of able people dependent on their programs…which in turn coaxes the recipient to vote Democratic in order to continue the programs.

But the final step is to make those who are productive feel guilty for their own fruitful lives and what they have built for their families. With enough misplaced guilt, they will then buy into this peudo-socialist lie. 

Today we hear a lot about racial reconciliation and restitution. However, this is not reconcilliation. Reconcilliation involves coming to terms with actual culpability…for what a person himself has done.

True Christian reconciliation is reserved for personal guilt. Mea culpa. It is meant to help restore what one has done to personally break a relationship between himself & God [first few of the 10 Commandments] or himself and others [the remaining Commandments]. Any other application is contrived and resembles an odd perpetuation of generations of hostility…like the Hatfields & McCoys. It would be like the grandchild of a serial killer being forced into making restitution to the descendants of all his grandfather had killed…even though Grandfather was already imprisoned for the crimes and is dead.

How far and for how many generations must a descendant pay for the past, in which he had no direct part? And in what form? Money? Lowering of educational & employment standards, which then becomes discrimination against others who are more qualified? Removing of historic artifacts that ‘offend’, which then opens the door for all historic public displays of any kind to be subject to the whims of others? Lee, Washington, Lincoln….it all becomes fair game.

And will society then be required to continue this form of reconcilliation with all future generations? When will enough be enough?

Perhaps it is time to seek real healing by acknowledging the lack of culpability in a society far removed from the reasons for the Civil War. If racist activity occurs today, hold individuals personally responsible for their own actions. They should face consequences.

But for all others who have had no part in it, stop forcing them to be accountable for crimes of past generations. If we continue to do so, we should all be  guilty for everything ugly that ever happened in the world. Ever.

Let’s follow God’s standard for guilt. Christ died for all, because all fall short. Personally. Individually. We each come to Him for forgiveness for acts we commit…not for those of others. That would be like the woman who goes to Confession, and tells the priest all the things her husband has done wrong.

It’s time to break this cycle of inappropriate finger-pointing. Perhaps then, healing can occur.

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