Today is Good Friday.

Of all days of the year, this is the day to keep the Creed at the forefront of your mind. This defines all we believe. It came about in the midst of heresy so that True Believers could unite in a prayer of affirmation.

During this pandemic, we need to bring ourselves back to the One Thing.  God in his love for us sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, at the appointed time so that in times of plenty and in times of need, we can know from where our salvation comes.

This version of the Creed above is sung in the language of the Church. It is a tutorial so you can follow along. Even if you think you don’t like the Latin mass, this is the language of the Church. Allow yourself to soak in what the earliest believers loved.

Be blessed today and if you have a Crucifix in your house take time to adore Christ, remember Him, and humbly kiss the feet of your Savior

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