There is a video going around of a nun/sister warning people not to be duped into worrying about the Coronavirus. I agree there is a lot of wisdom and talk of preventatives (Vitamin C & Oil of Oregano) that she talks about, and she rightly speaks of following after Christ instead of worrying about possible plagues.

However, we do need to realize that through all of this there will be some good Catholics who will die or have already died from this virus. Simply praying and receiving the holy Eucharist and Sacraments and focusing on God is not necessarily going to mean that you as a Catholic will not have this virus or even die.

I think we have to be careful with this because if people believe that all they have to do is believe in God and receive the Sacraments and they won’t get the Coronavirus, then if they get the virus or die [God forbid] their whole family could turn away from God, feeling that God did not save them.  It might even hamper their recovery because in their spirit they will feel that God failed them. We have to be careful in our zeal that we don’t misrepresent God.

Good things sometimes happen to bad people and conversely bad things sometimes happen to good people who love God and follow Christ. 

The purpose of forming our consciences and becoming good Catholics is for our eternal soul. There are diseases that have come upon us simply because of the Fall of Man. This is not Eden, and we are exposed now to nature that will not be redeemed until the 2nd coming of Christ.

I came out of a Protestant background of 30+ adult years and there are so many “name it and claim it” preachers who say that if you pray you will get exactly what it is you ask for…if you REALLY believe it. There are also less dramatic protestant preachers who claim something similar, though they try to play it down so they won’t be associated with the name it and claim it movement. It sounds kind of like Job’s friends telling him that he must have done something wrong in order to have all these boils and lose his family.  If you know the story, as it turns out it was the direct opposite. Job was a man who followed God and would not renounce God and die as his friends told him to do. Great friends.

So please lets be careful not to equate getting sick with someone having a lack of faith. Bacteria and virus have no prejudice for or against any particular faith or lack of faith. It is just part of what we are stuck with in this imperfect world. And if any of us become ill, the one thing we do have is the promise that God will not abandon us and that we have hope for eternal life, regardless of what happens to us here.

May St. Luke and all the angels and saints (especially your own Guardian Angel) pray for you. Christ have mercy on us all. 🙏❤

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