Denver Student Responds To Archbishop: “I Am Catholic, And I Am Gay… I Do Not Need To Be ‘Healed’”

The above link was given for commentary on one of my Catholic Facebook sites. I decided that instead of muddying up that page, I would do a blogpost…

Sadly, this young person is reflective of the brainwashing that has transpired in our country. It has been going on for decades, but has in recent years accelerated and been promoted by local, state, and federal government entities. Our children and young people don’t have a fighting chance in this public school system anymore…which is why I encourage everyone to do a traditional home schooling model. But that is a whole other subject, which I will not address any further here.

[Back to the subject]

Worse than that, this young person equates Catholics who stand with doctrinal teaching on marriage & intimacy as ‘anti’. If he truly understood Catholic teaching, he would see that we are not anti- anything, but rather pro-God and God’s design for life and humanity. Kind of points to the failure of Church & Catholic school catechesis. Again, a whole post could be dedicated to this. But I digress…

The young man’s identification with the gay community is an emotional thing. It is not based on anything physiological. If he, for instance, were to take a step back and look at it from a natural law standpoint, there is no physiological reason for the gay lifestyle.

In fact, with recent medical discoveries it has been shown to be detrimental, especially to the digestive tract…and I will not get a more graphic than that. You can Google it.

Each body system was designed by God for certain activities that are beneficial to the body. Homosexual activity destroys the digestive body system and creates all kinds of havoc in the body that may not show up for years. But when it does, it is devastating and deadly. And that is aside from AIDS or other STD’s.

Worse yet, this poor soul has defined his total existence by his sexuality. That is a really bad place to be! If we boil everything down to our sexual being, we have just thrown out all that God intended for mankind. It becomes an obsession that is skewed toward sexuality, rather than the whole person. For instance, if a heterosexual being had this kind of skewing in their thinking, someone might think they were a sexual pervert because that’s all they thought about.

And what does that do to living out the purpose for their personal life and what they are to accomplish in life? It draws away from what God intended him to be and how to contribute to life in a positive way.

The sexuality of a person is design for one thing and one thing only: propagation of the species. It is so with every species. However, for our species it is so that we can create families that emulate the Trinity and bring glory to God on Earth. Is there something pleasurable associated? Of course! But that is part of the design. When practiced in the right context, all is well. When adulterated in perversion, disease is rampant. That is true in both heterosexual and homosexual relations.

I think we should pray for this person because he is only 17 years old. There are countless stories of those who have gone this road and years later had tremendous regret to the point of depression and suicide. It is a fact of this depraved and misguided lifestyle.

Maybe someone should warn him…

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