I’ve shared before how much I love Facebook. It gives me a great opportunity to hear how those outside the Catholic Church think. And then, if I’m in a pithy mood, to respond. Today was no different.

Have you noticed how the broken records of heretical thought and urban legends regarding Catholic doctrines keep playing their annoying songs?

“Catholics worship Mary”

“Catholics re-sacrifice Jesus at their Mass”

“Catholics ask dead people to perform miracles”

“Catholics…blah, blah, blah”

Here is what I have to say to you who reject the Catholic Church: it is truly sad that you hold so tightly onto urban legends that deceive.

Jesus spoke in a parable about the seed and the sower. Since the so-called reformation, we have seen this parable play out. Perfectly good seed is offered, but hearts have an overgrowth of weeds and rocks that prevent the seed from germinating.

But here is a news flash: the deception accepted by post reformation folks is nothing less than an attempt by the Author of All Lies to spirit away God’s beloved children. Truly!

The Church taught 1500 years of Truth that quelled heresies and defined doctrine in order to lead the faithful away from the darkness. Then it took one man…one objectively sick man who supported hostility toward Jews and even mistresses for a husband…to allow Satan to tear people away from the One True Church. That is Martin Luther’s legacy. Then, unfortunately, very other subsequent protester [all the other thousands of denominations and sects] simply have become useful idiots [borrowed from Lenin] to the cause of the Enemy.

People…there is only one Truth. All the “truths” outside of the one Truth are not the fullness God intended. To settle for a partial truth is to miss the Big Picture. Each urban legend [i.e., lie] accepted is a barrier to objective Truth…the Truth that fulfills life on earth and leads to eternal life.

And again, from where do these urban legends originate? The Deceiver. The Author of Lies. The Devil. Harsh? Maybe. But that is the reality. Whenever a falsehood emerges in ANY facet of life, it has the same origin…and it ain’t from God, folks. Then each one who blindly goes along is exchanging the Truth for a lie [that sounds vaguely familiar].

I know from whence I speak. I once was you. I spent 35+ years after I left Catholicism wandering through the dry Desert of Denominationalism. It was only a contrite heart and honest searching that would lead me Home. It wasn’t easy. But anything worthwhile never is.

This is a serious matter, not personal opinion. The road each of us is on is paved with obstacles designed to keep us from all God has for us in the fullness of His Truth. Every doctrine holds nuggets of gold that bring us to eternal life. But we must clear the path to our hearts of all the weeds and pebbles [lies & urban legends] so that the seeds of Truth can take root and grow.

Are you brave enough to set aside what you’ve been told or heard or read so that you might discover Truth in its fullness? You may need a pretty sturdy hoe to clear that path.


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