In the link above, you can read about the UK Bishops’ recent attempt at verbally knocking some sense into British Catholics. Unfortunately, they will likely have about as much effect as American Bishops do in the U.S. Voter’s Guide.

The current culture is plummeting the world down what once was a slippery slope, now a full-blown avalanche. And our Catholic brethren in the pews are joining with the pagan useful idiots in support of the world’s pathetic views against God’s Natural and Moral Laws.

Since the Fall of Man in the Garden, humanity has systematically embraced depravity in various forms. It is our inheritance from the first Adam. Yet God, in His infinite wisdom and love for His children, provided the antidote in the second Adam…Our Lord Jesus Christ

So…what’s the deal?

Folks, we are fighting not against culture or preferences or ideologies. We fight against spiritual forces of darkness (hmmm…where did I hear that? Eph 6:12) And if our true struggle is against a spiritual realm, no amount of laws or pontifications are going to help us.

Uh-oh. I just made a few of you who try to address things like abortion in the political arena (as do I) very uncomfortable. But let me explain.

Politics will always be politics. As much as we think we live in a democratic Republic in America, it is still the loudest voice, the lobby with the most clout ($$$), and the politician or ponificator with the sweetest sounding words that tickle the ear who will drive the political car. And you and I, the unwilling passengers, are forced without a seatbelt headlong down into a ravine.

So what can we possibly do?

Remember that antidote God provided? Our help is in the Name of the Lord (Psalm 134:8). And what did He establish as our guide on earth? The Church (1 Tim 3:15).

But here is where it gets a little dicey. Is the church leadership doing its job in being the pillar and foundation? It would appear not when we observe what much of the laity embraces that mirrors the culture rather than the Church. Abortion, because it deals with the murder of innocent life, is at the top of this list.

It is time for Adult Catechesis. But it’s really difficult to get adults into an actual catechetical Bible class. We are all much too grown up and busy for that. That’s for the kids… another area of epic fail in some parishes, which is what breeds less-than-orthodox Catholic adults…but I digress.

However, there is an other way. Every single Sunday at every single Mass there is a captive audience present for a funny little thing in the Liturgy called The Homily. Every priest who ignores the month of October, which is dedicated to pro life issues, and does not dedicate his homilies during those Sundays to educate his congregation is failing. Every priest who does not support his pro life committees in their efforts is failing. Every priest who does not use the homily for pro life education on December 12th, the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe (patron of pro life efforts) is failing. Every priest who has never attended the March for Life or the West Coast Walk for Life is failing.

And those in the laity who stand on the doctrines of the church, yet do not address this with their priest, are failing as well.

It’s time to step up! No more supporting smörgasbord Catholicism. Doctrine & Dogma is an all or nothing package deal. Either one is Catholic, or one is not. We don’t get to pick and choose what makes us comfortable, or what we personally decide for ourselves to be worthy. That’s a Reformation tactic and has no place in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

The True Wheat needs to be separated from the chaff. Those holding onto a false teaching about abortion (and ALL doctrines) need to know. If not for the sake of the Church, for the sake of their eternal souls! Our priests have stood by in silence far too long.

And so have we.

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