Have you, a loved one or friend come into the Church through RCIA, yet feel you are lacking in knowledge of what to do now? Are there unresolved questions about the faith and practices? Have new questions arisen since entering the Church?

Our good friend Shaun McAfee has the antidote to your dilemma in his new book, I’m Catholic. Now What?

I’m Catholic. Now What? is a refreshing and easy-to-read primer on some of the questions in the minds of newbie Catholics. Shaun addresses these in sections & chapters such as:

GETTING STARTED (Know Your Way Around the Catechism; Don’t Be Afraid to Genuflect; The Church is Perfect but Her Members Aren’t—Yet)

THE SACRAMENTS (Live the Sacraments; Know How to Make a Good Confession; Get to Mass On Time and Stay Till the End; Attend an Ordination)

MARY, THE CHURCH, AND THE SAINTS (Know the Approved Marian Apparitions; Pray to the Saints; Go On a Pilgrimage)

PRAYER (Make the Sign of the Cross; Holy Water–Keep it Close and Use it Often; Get a Spiritual Director)

CATHOLIC LIFE (Realize You Are Going to Sin Again and Again; Don’t Be Superstitious; Read the Documents of the Second Vatican Council)

KNOWING AND DEFENDING YOUR FAITH (Become an Apologist; Can We Prove that God Exists; Know Your Heresies)

…and the list goes on!

The great thing about Shaun’s book I’m Catholic. Now What? (other than an extensive amount of useful information) is that each chapter in each section is in a bite-sized portion that you can use as part of your spiritual reading for the day.  And it does not force the reader into a cover-to-cover commitment. Instead, one can browse the Table of Contents to find a particular area of need, then go directly to that section/chapter. Convenient and super easy to read!

From my perspective as an author, Shaun’s book, I’m Catholic. Now What? is a must-have for all new Catholics. Even this seasoned Catholic picked up a tidbit (Hint: it is listed as #29, page 106).

I recommend I’m Catholic. Now What? without reservation for your collection of fine books…and be sure to pick up one or two for those new Catholics you might help evangelize!





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