You probably won’t hear ads for the movie UNPLANNED on mainstream radio or TV…they are trying to downplay it and keep you away. If you listen to Christian Radio, you might hear an ad.

UNPLANNED is the real-life story of Abby Johnson, who was manager of the largest Planned Parenthood in Texas. It chronicles what lead her to that job…and what lead her out.

I can’t stress it enough….you MUST see it. And bring others. Your teenage children should, too. They need to hear first-hand the lies of the industry. God knows they have gotten brainwashed if they are in Public School.

Yes, it is R-rated. But that is a ploy by the movie industry to try and keep you away. Your kids have likely seen more blood in a thriller or other flick. And at least the movie industry is in agreement with us: Abortion is R-rated!

But Abby isn’t the only woman with a story to tell. Here us another reason to see UNPLANNED. This was on a Glenn Beck post for the film.



I got pregnant at 15. My parents confronted me the night of my Sweet 16 birthday party. I was 3 months pregnant. My dads best friend’s wife worked at Planned Parenthood. She helped my parents plan the abortion of my child. I was almost 5 months pregnant when I was forced to go to Planned Parenthood with my parents. My father lied and said he was my uncle so he wouldn’t have to pay for it (this was at the instruction of Suzie who worked at Planned Parenthood). They didn’t tell me what I was going to have to go through. They strapped me down because I was fighting them and the doctor inserted a long needle into my belly with no pain medicine. I was screaming for them to stop. They rolled me into a room and left me there. I began to have excruciating pain and I started screaming. The nurse came into the room and told me to stop screaming because people could hear me in the waiting room. I told her I couldn’t handle the pain and she said you’re having contractions it’ll be over soon. It was hours before I gave birth to my baby. When the nurse came into my room to take the bedpan propped beneath me I asked her if it was a boy or girl and she said it doesn’t matter and walked out with my baby. I accused my parents of sacrificing my baby for their Social status. It’s murder to abort a child in any gestation period! My heart breaks for the innocent children murdered every day! I had 3 miscarriages in my second trimester and I always blamed the abortion.

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