Praying outside the abortion clinic during 40 days for Life can be an interesting experience. We try to promote a peaceful and prayerful presence, and to be as happy and cheerful and welcoming as possible… even to passers by.

I spend my mornings with a fistful of brochures to hand out to anyone willing to take them, and all the while smiling and waving at the oncoming cars. As they drive by on their way to work or school, I find myself praying aloud for them and wishing them well, asking the angels and saints to protect them, or just wishing God’s blessing upon them as they travel.

Many of the drivers have the most perplexed looks on their faces, probably wondering, “Who is that crazy woman waving at all the cars?” At times, I wonder myself! Perhaps they expect hostility from those of us who respect life.

Then there are a few in the small percentage who see the signs my companions hold and enthusiastically either honk, wave, or give a thumbs up. My smile widens.

And then there is a miniscule number of drivers who insist upon either rolling down their window to scream at us, or wave a well-placed finger out the window. I continue to smile and pray for them as well.

But something got me thinking this morning about those who oppose our efforts to protect the lives of pregnant women and their unborn children. I wish I could sit down with each one of them and share these thoughts. Instead, I will share them with you and perhaps you might run across others with whom you can share this concept.

It all came about when I was remembering Jimmy Stewart as he portrayed George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life. I’m sure most of you know the story, but for those who may have been pulling a Rip Van Winkle, I will share the plot with you.

The gist of the story is that George Bailey, son of a building and loan owner, begrudgingly takes over the business after his father dies. Due to an unfortunate circumstance, the building and loan has misplaced $8000; George knows that it looks like embezzlement. Distraught, he finds himself near a bridge and is about to end his life when he sees someone drowning in the water. Being the decent person he truly is, he jumps over to save the man. Little does he know that this is an angel sent to help George because of all the prayers from family and friends who know he is in trouble and has gone missing. The angel’s plan is to give George the one wish he had before he was going to jump. He thought everyone was better off without him….he wished that he had never been born.

Through the rest of the story, we see all of the people for whom George Bailey had a positive effect…and that without him being born, their lives were terrible.

And that got me thinking…

I would like to have a chance to ask some of the most adamant pro choicers some questions.

1. Do you have friends and family that you love in your life?

2. Are you blessed with a marriage and with children?

3. Do you have a career, a life’s work, or hobbies that you enjoy?

4. Do you have other things in your life that you cherish?

5. Are there people in your life that you have touched in a special way, simply by them knowing you?

And then I would like to know the answer to one overriding question:

If you had never been born and instead had been aborted, how might the lives of the people you have touched be either negatively impacted or at the very least, lacking in some way?

I wonder how many of these pro choicers can look into the eyes of their own children and realize that had their own mother aborted them, these precious children would not have been born.

To be sure, It’s a Wonderful Life is a movie…Hollywood enhanced & dramatized for the full effect. But in reality, it is a statement of how we are all connected to each other. No man (or woman) is an island; we impact the lives of all we touch. We know that for certain, because every funeral has a eulogy that speaks of what the deceased meant to those left behind.

Think for just a moment about all the people who have had an effect on your life. A dear friend. A favorite aunt or uncle. A mentor or teacher. Think about what they gave to you, and how you integrated that into your life in a positive way.

And now imagine that their mother decided to abort them. Your life and the lives of countless others would not be the same if that person had not been born.

Now, I know there are some out there who (mixed metaphor aside) would like to flip the coin and play the Hitler card with me. But one thing is for certain: we are not prophets, nor are we God. It isn’t up to us to determine in advance which child in the womb will have a positive effect in life (as most of us do), and which are in the small minority of those destined for something less than honorable. It is a non-sequitor argument.

I hope that the next time you are confronted with someone who believes abortion should remain legal and thinks it a viable choice for a woman, that this post comes to mind. Then, at least try to remind this person that for the most part and for most people it is a wonderful life…and it isn’t our job or our right to deprive the world of the next George Bailey.

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