Worth a listen…

After watching the Donald J. Johnson film UNPROTECTED last night, I can’t help but continue to connect the dots when viewing this with Taylor Marshall. Pope Saint Paul XI had it right. Contraception DID become the Pandora’s Box that opened the door to all sins of a sexual nature becoming ‘acceptable’ in society. The devaluing of natural relations made women commodities who, with the advent of The Pill, could be used by men. Pregnancy became the enemy, where offspring could be eliminated with abortion. And since sex was no longer considered a blessing only within the confines of traditional marriage [along with the welcoming of new life], that pleasure for pleasure sake only could be accomplished with society’s approval in non-heterosexual encounters. We have embraced all the lies as truth.

Watch this, then go to Donald Johnson Ministry Website to request a showing of his film, UNPROTECTED.

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