As Catholics, we accept that Mary was assumed into Heaven. But here is a little scientific DNA evidence that gives physiological witness to why Mary’s Assumption into Heaven is logically necessary. We covered this in our book, 95 QUESTIONS FOR PROTESTANTS….

Here it is:

All pregnancies result in Microchimerism. This is where there is a cell transfer between mother and child. Medical science has discovered that this is a lifelong transfer for both. Through autopsies of deceased women, the cells of her conceived children have been found within the brain of the mother. This by definition means that some cells of our Lord, cells that were pure and holy, remained in Mary for her entire earthly life. By Mary being assumed into heaven, and not allowing her body to decay, cells of our Lord were not allowed to be subject to earthly death and decay. Instead, those cells through Mary reside near her Son in Heaven.

This is one of those areas where people need to learn how to connect the dots in a logical form. Science eventually catches up to faith… if we wait long enough! But true faith accepts Church Teaching and operates under that paradigm. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!

[FYI… This little fact also attests to why women who have abortions have some serious emotional difficulties and need healing.]

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