There are many people a lot smarter than I am who have explained why Peter is considered the Rock by Christ, who makes him the earthly head of the church. But there are other things we can look to that point to Peter being in charge.

Knowing The Bible in total including the Old Testament teachings gives the only true clarity on this subject. This is not based on one individual’s understanding, but on sound biblical foundation, as taught from the very 1st century. Teachings on the meanings of being the steward and holder of the keys from the Old Testament point to the significance of Jesus telling Peter that he had the keys of the Kingdom.

But also to consider using logic when reading is this, which clearly shows the preeminence of Peter…

1. Any time a group of apostles is listed in the New Testament, Peter is listed 1st . This shows that the writers had a special understanding that Peter was considered the leader over the others.

2. When a statement was to be made regarding Christ, at least in 2 places possibly more, Peter speaks for the entire group. This happened when Jesus said who do you say I am and Peter answered you are the Christ, the son of the living God. It also happened in the Bread of Life Discourse in John 6. A portion of disciples and followers left after Jesus said they must eat his flesh and drink his blood because it was too hard to teaching, and Jesus asked the others if they also were going to leave. Peter answered where will we go because you have the words of life. No one else is listed as giving answer for the group.

3. In the case of a regional problem in the New Testament at the very 1st council of Jerusalem on the issue of circumcision, it could easily have been settled by the local Bishop and presbyters. Instead, they awaited the arrival of Peter. In order to get a sound teaching that would be followed, they knew that Peter needed to be there as head of the earthly church.

4. Finally, after Jesus rose and was missing from the tomb and the disciples went to investigate, John who had a special relationship with Jesus got there 1st… but he waited at the tomb’s entrance until Peter arrived and allowed Peter to be the one to enter. That was a move of respect and regard for the one who was considered the leader.

Personal opinion and pontification based upon hatred for the Catholic Church based upon a less than 500 year new man made teaching does not have any weight against holy scriptures and 1500 years of understanding as taught by the apostles to the early church.

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