There’s been an awful lot of chatter regarding acts of violence. The predominant voices like to blame gun ownership, although a few years back, a knife-weilding 16-year old went on a rampage at a school. My own dear cousin was murdered similarly.

Some have also pointed out that all mass murders are committed by those on psychotropic drugs. Some say it’s due to fatherless homes. Some blame bullying. Others say that all mass murderers have been liberals [except McVey]. I’ve not researched any of these theories.

Personally, I think our Godless society is to blame.

By definition, if Christ was embraced by all and people loved and lived as he asked us to, sin would be choked out. Since the Fall, we’ve been on a downhill spiral, and it all stems back to pride…which pulls us from God. When we are prideful, we deny the rightful authority that only belongs to God.

If you would like to read our thoughts, we have a 5 part series here on the blog addressing the topic. It is called, “WHO’S IN CHARGE: The Problem With Authority.” Parts 1-4 are finished. Final installment forthcoming.

Pray for peace…TRUE peace, as only God can give…through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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