There are some who argue against the Catholic stand that Jesus’s mother has a significant place in the salvation process.

The Catholic understanding of Mary the Mother of God has always been that she carried Jesus to the world, representing the new Ark of the Covenant.

And then at the Wedding at Cana, Jesus told his mother that his time had not come. Yet the Holy Spirit informed Mary in a way to not directly tell Jesus, but instead to use the stewards and tell them to do as Jesus said. This was Jesus’ signal that he was to begin his ministry at that moment. It was his mother who actually set the wheels in motion.

I was thinking about this and about how Catholics trust Mary to point us to Jesus. But after pondering what she told the stewards at the Wedding, to do what he said, I found something I’d never quite seen before.

I think that in the moment where Mary speaks to the stewards, she is also telling us to follow her son and to do what he says…just as she instructed the stewards to do so at the wedding.

When Catholics pray scriptural Marian prayers, as in the Hail Mary, we are asking Mary to point us again to Jesus so that we can follow him and do what he says…and asking Mary to continue to pray for that direction until we die.

She is still involved in the salvation process and will be until the end of time… until the last human being leaves this Earth. She is the Spiritual Mother Christ gave us as signified in his words to St. John (“Behold thy Mother”) and to Mary (“Behold the son.)

In the words of Michael, the Archangel in Luke 1:28…

AVE MARIA, gratia plena, Dominus tecum.

Hail Mary full of grace. The Lord is with you.

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  1. I love this. I can see Mary’s place as the Queen Mother and how she was instructed by the Holy Spirit to encourage us to do as Jesus says. Pointing us to Him.
    Mother Mary, I love you……

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