This is a GREAT piece by Fr. Dwight Longenecker called, “Why Joseph Campbell Left the Catholic Church.” It got me thinking…

We need a generation of people who can work toward reversing the modernist, progressive trends in our parishes. Read up on the Rubrics of the Mass [SIDEBAR: pick up a copy of Mass Confusion by Jimmy Akin]. Speak out when the liturgies at Mass allow odd things to creep in. If you are in a building devoid of sacred art, icons & statues, see about slowly adding some for devotion purposes (raise funds, or donate yourself). If your parish has no relics, express to the Pastor the benefit of intercession through these saintly aids. Ask for sacred music at Mass; don’t be complacently satisfied with the pablum of most modern hymnals, many of which promote songs similar to those heard in secular settings. There actually are official guides for sacred music of the Mass. Here’s a good site.

These are only a springboard of suggestions. As you delve into the Holy, let God enlighten you to the possibilities…not for the sake of scrupulocity. Instead, for bringing back what we post-Vatican II Catholics have been denied: true Sacred Worship.

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